The company was established in 1991, in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, home of renowned science schools, research centers, and high-tech companies. The city is considered one of Argentina’s technology centers. At present, STI’s main facilities are located in the province of Córdoba, with offices in Bariloche and Buenos Aires.

The foundational concept of STI was the creation of a company devoted to the design, development, production, commissioning, operation and marketing of products and services required for the implementation of processes and systems of high technological content

During the first years of its life, STI offered services in the nuclear sector and the space industry as a contractor of INVAP, a company also established in Bariloche and devoted to the design and construction of complex technological systems.

In 2001, STI began to provide services to CONAE (National Commission on Space Activities), Argentina’s space agency. This agency is the national body in charge of the management and undertaking of ventures into space. Since then, the company has participated in several of CONAE’s projects.

STI’s capacity to respond to different and challenging demands lies in its highly skilled staff and in its joint work with other partners, such as individual consultants, institutions and prestigious companies. STI’s partnerships allow for the formation of specific technical teams with a high level of knowledge and access to appropriate facilities for research, engineering design and manufacture, in order to meet the requirements of a given project. This methodology ensures that services are provided with maximum efficiency and at the minimum cost possible.

STI's participation in a broad spectrum of multidisciplinary projects has enabled it to develop professional competence in a wide range of space disciplines. Thus, STI is able to carry out engineering, development and testing tasks at system, subsystem and component levels.



STI works towards the following goals and objectives:

  • To continue with the development of a competitive company of national character, oriented to the design, development, manufacture, assembly, integration, testing and operation of systems of high technological content.

  • To upgrade its skills in order to work effectively both with space systems, such as satellites, payloads and components, and ground support equipment, ground stations and mission control centers, always responding to the requirements of the Argentine National Space Program.

  • To offer the company’s technical and management services to other countries in the world.

  • To participate in international tenders and to enter into suitable business partnerships.

  • To satisfy the needs of our customers by paying continuous attention to the quality, cost and delivery of our products and services.

  • To maintain and improve the technological competence of the company by adopting the policy of continually training our staff in the disciplines and techniques relevant to the company’s activities.

  • To pursue growth via strategic planning, diversification and the development and commercialization of products, taking into account the previously mentioned goals and always trying to bring benefits to our employees.