Space Electronic Systems

STI has an extensive experience in the development and manufacture of electronic systems for space applications. STI’s capabilities cover the full development lifecycle, from the analysis of requirements to the design, simulation, implementation and integration phases, providing tailored solutions to each customer’s needs.

Based on the “Hardware on the Loop” approach, with PCB designs of up to 16 layers, STI has successfully developed and manufactured battery charge control systems, maximum point power trackers for spacecraft regulated buses, current sensing systems and AOCS control systems, following the ESA and NASA standards.

Embedded Systems

The team in charge of embedded systems and programmable logic devices is composed of a large number of experienced electronic engineers and computer science experts.

Due to its vast experience and heritage on FPGA architecture, STI’s team has been selected for the development and design of On Board Computers, data acquisition interfaces and BAQ compressors for some of the most challenging space projects in South America.

The design process followed when working on software development using HDL for FPGA, drivers design, real-time OS implementation, application S/W and validation and verification tools meets the ESA and NASA Standards.

Spacecraft Control Systems

STI relies on a qualified team for the design and modelling of spacecraft dynamic control systems. Our team is proficient mainly in spacecraft flight dynamic simulation, linear and non-linear control loops design, requirements analysis and in the selection of components for AOCS.

3D modeling design, thermal and structural FEM analysis

STI provides services related to advanced 3D modelling design, thermal and structural FEM analysis, and mechanism design, analysis and simulation.

The main space products we offer are platforms/payload structures and housing for space electronic systems.

STI is also experienced in the design and manufacture of aeronautical structures for antennas and radomes on aircrafts.

PCB Assembly, Harness Manufacturing and Integration services

STI provides the services of compressive PCB assembly, and harness design and manufacturing, from the requirements analysis and 3D modelling to manufacturing and integration on the spacecraft.

The STI design and manufacturing personnel have been trained by ESA and NASA and have passed workmanship qualification tests for wire wrapping and crimping, soldering, staking and coating of electronic assemblies techniques.

STI features two 100,000 Class clean rooms and all the required tools for the manufacturing of ESA and NASA certified harnesses and PCBAs for spacecraft and launch vehicles.

Communication Systems

STI counts on a group of experts for the development of communications network protocols for wired and wireless systems. These developments are the key technology for future space projects.

STI COMMS group has developed in-house software network simulators and full protocol stack implementation.

STI also designs and manufactures the hardware required to implement the communication network protocols developed, such as intra-satellite wired networks, modems and wireless interfaces.

RF systems

The STI experienced design and simulation team has developed several RF systems.

The STI laboratory facility is equipped with the latest instruments for the validation and qualification of RF systems.

STI develops and manufactures signal generators, amplifiers and Tx/Rx modules, and provides antenna design, manufacturing and testing services.